Ewmamo is a social marketplace design with the world revolving economic nature of our present times. It is created not just to serve as a medium of socialization but a marketplace where users can make use of their available connections to earn genuine income while having fun.

Intention of the Creator

Every nation on the surface of the earth is embracing digital economy even in Africa where a lot of slow changes takes place. The intention of creating Ewmamo is to create a digital economy to various users to earn genuine income doing what they love.

It is easier to earn money legally now than in the industrial age. So if you decide to be useful to yourself and the society in which you belong to, there is always something somewhere on the web you can turn from trash to gold. Ewmamo is such a webplace to make your dream into reality.

The Entrepreneur Mind Set

All over the world, the economies of nations are driving by entrepreneurs who see every odd but yet step out and create a meaning in the lives of people.

Ewmamo is a gathering of entrepreneurs or business minded individuals who are ready to make things happen for them and others.  You will be challenge by the features of Ewmamo to put on your thinking cap and create something that will bring you cash legally.

NO TO FRAUD!! We have an eye that detect that in no time, so do genunine transactions - Enjoy While Making Money!